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Markup formula (old plugin)

AliDropship Plugin features a profound formula for pricing markup – the amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit.

First of all select the price range for products from AliExpress. For example, we want to apply markup formulas for items that cost from $1 to $5 on In this case we set Min. Cost – $1 and Max. Cost – $5.

Then we need to assign an arithmetic operation – addition (+) or multiplication (x), and enter the value. For instance, we want to multiply all product prices by two. It means that prices for all products that cost between $1 and $5 on AliExpress will be increased by two times on our store.

You can also use x2, x3, x4 buttons for adding markup formula fast.

After you determined the rules, click save button, and your formula will be added. All new products that you will import in your store will have prices according to the formula. If you need apply the formula for existent products on your site, click Update button.

Don’t forget that you can add and apply several formulas by clicking Add New Record.


You can also activate Rounding option and Assign cents. For example, if the product price is $4.19, it will be converted in $4. If you assigned .99 cents, this amount will be added to the final price.


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