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Importing reviews (old plugin)

To start importing reviews, go to AliDropship -> Import Reviews

Select the number of reviews per product and rating of reviews (it is recommended importing 4 or 5 star reviews only). Click Import Now button and wait for progress bar to finish.
Many of reviews presented on AliExpress are in different languages. If you want to have all reviews in one language, activate Translate option. All reviews in other languages will be translated into the language that is setup on General settings of the Plugin.

If you want to edit reviews before publishing select ‘Send reviews to draft’ option. All reviews in this case will be saved in Comments.

If reviews on AliExpress have images attached by the buyers, these images will be shown on your site too if you select ‘Import reviews with images only’ option.

If you select ‘Ignore images’ option, plugin will import reviews with text only.

If you want to upload review images to your server – just select this option in Import reviews section.

You can also import only reviews left by the customers from a particular country. Go to before importing reviews and choose the country in regional settings.


If you need to add reviews to a particular product on your store, go to Product Options -> Reviews and click Import Now.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. The product on AliExpress has 100 reviews, but the plugin imported only 50, why? The plugin skips reviews from the same users and reviews without any text. Also, if you choose import reviews with images only, the number of reviews could be less, because product could not have that amount of reviews with images. That’s the reason why the number of imported reviews may be different from the number of reviews presented on AliExpress.
  2. How to disable email notifications when importing reviews? Please go to WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Discussion -> Tick off these boxes:
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