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Connecting PayPal Business Account

To start offering PayPal at checkout, you need to set your PayPal API credentials and enable this payment option in AliDropship plugin settings.

Visit your PayPal account and go to Profile and Settings.

Proceed to My selling tools. Find API access option and click Update.

Go to Custom checkout experience -> NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic) -> Manage API credentials.

Copy your API username, API password and Signature.

Go to AliDropship Settings => Payments to enable PayPal as your payment gateway. To provide your customers with possibility to complete their purchase on your website without entering password or credit details of their PayPal account, activate the respective option – PayPal Express Checkout.

Choose your payment currency from the drop-down menu. To enlarge the list of available currencies, you may select more of them in Settings => General => Additional Currencies. In other words, all the chosen additional currencies will be available to you in PayPal settings.

Enter your API username, API password and Signature.

Enter your PayPal email, brand name of your store and upload your website logo so that your PayPal checkout looks more professional. Click save Changes.

NOTE: If  you cannot find PayPal credentials on your account, please contact PayPal support directly and ask where you can find API settings.

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