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Connecting Stripe Account (old plugin)

To register an account with Stripe, visit and click the Create account button.

After you have submitted your registration request, you will receive an email notification with further details. Confirm your email to proceed.

To be able to create your API keys and access live data, you need to activate your account first. Fill out your account application. Start with choosing the country your business based in.

Describe your website as «eCommerce store» and state your niche. (For example, «Kitchen utensils sold to a wide audience in an eCommerce store») Add your domain name below.

Enter your account details: choose your business type from the dropdown menu, enter your Tax ID (optional) and business address.

As the company representative, share your personal information: your legal name, date of birth and social security number.

Add your business name and phone number (they will be shown to your customers in their credit card statements) and your bank account details.

Click Activate account. You will be notified via email when your account is verified.

To create your Publishable and Secret Keys, go to the API tab in your Dashboard. Use the toggle on the right-hand side of the page to view your test credentials. Please note that only test data is available until your account is activated.

Once you have generated your keys, you need to paste them in your payment settings. To do this, go to Dashboard => AliDropship => Settings => Payments => Credit Cards and click Edit. Choose Stripe from the Service dropdown menu. Now you can enable Stripe payment option on your website, add title (it will be displayed on the Checkout page) and paste your Publishable and Secret Keys. Finish by clicking Save changes.

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