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Adding blog

You can use our built-in blogging platform to post engaging content on your dropshipping website. Blog posts are great if you want to generate traffic to your site and build a community around your brand.

To get started with blogging, please go to Customization in your WordPress admin area and click Add default pages and menus. 

Now that you have created the blog, you can add it to your top menu. Go to the Appearance -> Menus,

Select a menu to edit – Top Menu (Top Menu),

Click Save Menu button.

To add a post to your blog, click Posts. Then click Add New.


Give your post a name and enter the content of the article.


Optionally, you can add Featured Image to your post.


When all is ready, choose Uncategorized (you can rename it) in Categories, then click Publish.


Now you can customize your Blog (Customization -> Blog).  Tick on boxes ‘Show on mobile’ if you want posters are visible on mobile version.

You can insert your image poster into the blog.

You may link your poster with a certain product your customer will be redirected to. To do this, replace symbol ‘#’ in <a href=»#»  with a product link. In <img src=»»> paste a URL address of an image that you want to use as a poster.

You can also use a Subscription form to collect emails from your customers, you can find Subscription form setup HERE

Here it is an example of how your Blog could look like:

¿Te ha resultado útil este artículo?
El 62% de las personas encontraron esto útil
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