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Importing products (old plugin)

To start importing products from AliExpress, you need to install AliDropship Google Chrome Extension. With the help of Chrome Extension it is possible not only import products directly from AliExpress, but also update them, collect tracking IDs and process your orders automatically.

Once Extension is installed, go to AliDropship => Import products and click Use Direct Import button. You will be redirected to AliExpress to start importing items.

The Extension settings can be found on the red panel on a category or single product page of AliExpress. Click on the cog to set search filters by country (any country / a set of countries), shipping method and product description type. You can also select a category you want the products to be imported into. On AliExpress category page the Extension will show you the processing time (how long it takes for a supplier to ship this item) and shipping method available for each product.

There are two types of products import available: single product import and bulk import.

If you need to add only some particular products, click the orange AliDropship logo to import items one by one.

If the item has been already imported in your store, you will see a tick next to the cart icon. A grey icon will be shown in case there is no active web store found.


On a single product page there is AliDropship Seller’s score available. It may differ from that of AliExpress as we use a formula that is more complicated: it is based on such parameters as for how long a supplier is selling goods on AliExpress, his feedback, shipping time, accuracy of product descriptions, etc. It is recommended importing products with a score higher 90%.

If you need to edit item details before adding it to your store, click Edit button on the red Extension panel.


In the modal window it is possible to make some essential changes to the products: in General and Pricing you can edit title, assign the item to a certain category and set new price or apply pricing formula (product price will be recalculated according to the pricing formula you have set in AliDropship => Settings => Pricing).

To edit Description, go to Description tab. Check Remove text and/or Remove images if you want your products to be imported without text and/or images.

In Variations tab you can not only edit already existing variations, but also add new attributes and variations.

To change product featured image or add a new image, proceed to Gallery. Click Reset to Defaults in case you do not want the changes you have made to the product to be saved.

Once you have made all necessary changes to the product, click Publish or Add to Import List if you do not want this product to be visible to your customers.

Hit Import button on the Extension panel if you want to import items in bulk. The number of products awaiting import is displayed on Import button. Import progress can be checked on the Import button as well.

Please watch this video tutorial to check import process:


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