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Managing your DNS records (A, MX, TXT, CNAME)

Domain nameservers (DNS) connect your website to your hosting, it is important to know how to manage them.

Please note that these instructions should be followed only if your domain DNS have been changed to those of (for example, и

Your DNS resource records can be added and edited through your cPanel. To do this, log in to your cPanel and and go to Domains => Advanced Zone Editor.

Click on Edit to make changes to a certain record.

To add a new record, fill the required fields and click on Add Record.

Your MX records are managed in Domains => Zone Editor.

Choose the necessary domain from the dropdown menu and proceed with Manage.

To edit an already existing record, click on Edit.

CNAME records can be managed in Zone Editor as well. It is important that you put a period at the end of your domain name in the Name field.

TXT records are added like this:

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