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Mandrill is a transactional email platform from MailChimp. So, you need to:
1. Create account with Mailchimp at first:

Once you fill all fields with information you’ll get an activation link on your email:

Follow the instructions:

2. When you finish with registration go to Account -> Transactional -> Add Mandrill:

3. Choose a plan and click ‘Start Trial’:

4. Type in your domain name and click ‘Add’:

5. To verify your domain click ‘View details’ -> type in your domain email -> you will get a verification link on your email, just click it to complete a domain verification:

6. To complete a verification you need to add DKIM and SPF records.

View DKIM/SPF setup instructions.

These TXT records could be stored in 2 places:

  • either cPanel account;
  • or your domain registrar account.

It depends on the way you propagated your domain name. If you changed DNS – find your TXT records in cPanel, if you changed IP – you need to find them in your domain registrar account.

Find both instructions below, but you need to follow only one option.

Option 1: if your TXT records are stored in cPanel:

Click ‘Add record’:

Click ‘View DKIM settings’ in Mandrill account -> Copy Name and Value and paste them in TXT record in cPanel:

Click ‘View SPF settings’ in Mandrill account -> Copy Name and Value and paste them in TXT record in cPanel:

Refresh your Mandrill account page – it’s verified :

Option 2: if your TXT records are stored in Domain registrar account:

Add new TXT record. Put in the Host and Value fields Name and Value from your Mandrill account.

7. Now go to ‘Settings’ -> SMTP & API credentials -> Create new ‘API key’:

8. Copy this API key and insert in WordPress admin area:

9. Click ‘Save Changes’. It’s done!

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