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Processing drop shipping orders (old plugin)

Once you have received a drop shipping order, you need to process it with AliExpress. Go to Orders page, find the order and click your customer’s email address to get more details.

There are options of placing order automatically and manually available. Click Place oder automatically to proceed with processing your dropship order.

The plugin will visit AliExpress and fulfill the order for you automatically: select necessary product variations, add items to your shopping cart and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page. To complete the purchase, click Confirm button . Please note that you need to have AliDropship Chrome Extension installed to be able to use this feature.

Here is the video tutorial you can check to see the whole process of placing drop shipping orders automatically.

To place order manually, go to the order details and click Place order manually button.


You will be redirected to AliExpress product page. Log in to your account, click Buy Now button and place the order using shipping details of your customer. If you do not have your customer’s phone number, you can enter your own. To avoid any invoices or marketing materials included in the packages sent to your client, leave an additional comment for AliExpress suppliers: ‘We are dropshipping. Please don’t include any promotional materials’. 

NOTE! If you have already set up cash-back URL in plugin settings, you will be redirected to AliExpress through your affiliate link that allows you to get cash-back on each purchase.

Make sure all the fields are filled and proceed to the payment by clicking Confirm & Pay. After the drop shipping order is placed, get back to the order details page and change the status of the order to Processed.

As soon as the AliExpress seller informs you that the package has been shipped, you should change the status to Shipped so that your customer receives an email notification that his/her dropship order has been processed and the package has been sent.

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