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Abandoned cart setup (old plugin)

Abandoned cart is a powerful marketing tool that could make your customers complete their purchase.

You may find abandoned cart settings in your WordPress admin area if you go to AliDropship -> Marketing -> Abandoned Cart.

Here you can find 5 Email templates. If you want to start emailing your clients with notifications please change Status to «Enable». If you want to activate all 5 templates please enable them all.

These notifications will be received by customers who left their email on a checkout page but never completed their purchase.

You can settle your own time of sending. It is 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 5 days and 7 days after cart is abandoned by default. The time of delivery counts from the moment that customer’s email is recorded to database.

You don’t have to activate all templates – you may activate 1 or 2, it’s up to you. Also you may change the text of a letter, add new template, reset to defaults and look at emails in a queue. You can find there emails that are already in a database and are ready to be send.

Please pay attention to short-tags like:

{{site}} – site URL
{{link}} – cart link,
{{unsubscribe}} – unsubscribe link
{{mail}} – site’s email
{{phone}} – site’s phone number
{{title}} – site name

We do not recommend to delete these tags, and replace them. All information will be inserted automatically when your customer will get this email.

Also pay attention to the Emails in queue section:

If you don’t see any emails here – it means that all emails were sent or there are no emails in the queue.

Everytime you make some changes please don’t forget to click «Save changes».

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