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Setting up Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you can place on your website to report conversions, build audiences and get rich insights into your website analytics. There are two ways to create FB Pixel, you can use either of them:

  1. You can set up FB Pixel using your Ads Manager, which can be accessed through your FB personal account. But please note, that ad accounts are limited to creating one pixel only.
  2. Alternatively, Pixel can be set up in Business Manager. You may need to set up Business Manager if you are an agency representing another business, or you want to share access to your product catalog with people on your ad account. Besides, it is important to upgrade to business account to be able to have multiple pixels for your websites (up to 10 additional pixels).


You can access your Ads account from your personal page by clicking the down arrow at the top panel => Create Ads.

You will be redirected to your Ads Manager. Click Close at the bottom of the page to continue.

Choose Pixels in the top menu.

Click Create a Pixel to continue.

Change your Pixel name if necessary and click Create. 

To install your pixel code on your website, select the second option – Manually install the code yourself.

Proceed to the step number 2. Note that you do not need the whole code, the only thing that should be copied is your FB Pixel ID. You may copy the whole code and paste it into a text document to be able to manage it.

Alternatively, you can click Email Instructions on the lower part of the box to find a copyable Pixel ID on the next page.

Copy your Pixel ID and to return to the previous step using the Back button at the bottom of the box.

Go to your WP admin area to paste your Pixel ID into Customization => General => Facebook Pixel ID.

Go back to your Facebook account to continue with the setup. In the third step you can send test traffic to your website to check the status of your pixel. To review and troubleshoot individual pages and make sure your events are firing correctly you may install the Pixel Helper for Google Chrome. For further guidance on how to confirm that your FB Pixel is working properly visit this link. Click Continue.

Information on View Content, Add to Cart and Purchase events is gathered by the plugin automatically. As there is no need to add them, you may just skip this step. Click Done to complete the setup process.



To get started, log in to your FB Business Manager account. If you do not have one yet, go to To create an account, log in to your FB account, click Create Account, enter your name and business email.


Go to Business Settings and create a Facebook Pixel:

You do not need to copy the whole code, just your FB Pixel ID.

Proceed to your WordPress admin area => Customization => General and insert your Facebook Pixel ID in the Facebook Pixel ID field. Save Settings.

You do not need to add any other codes. All main events/targets are set automatically, so you can track such events as ‘View Content‘, ‘Add to Cart‘ and ‘Purchase‘. Check these guides to learn more.

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