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Tracking orders

With the Tracking section, you can get a detailed information on order tracking and manage tracking details. Please keep in mind that Tracking displays only for orders that were already placed on AliExpress and got Order IDs. To get started, go to AliDropship => Orders => Tracking. 

Enter order ID to learn more about a particular order or adjust your search filters: set time range using the Calendar feature and/or filter orders by Fulfilment. Click All Sync for the plugin to fetch the latest tracking information for all your orders from AliExpress. Please note that you need to be logged in AliExpress to be able to use this option.

To check purchase details in the Orders section of the plugin, click on the order ID.

Use the Sync button to check if there are any updates on tracking status (including Delivery time) available.

Tracking IDs are provided to your customers in shipping email notifications they receive after AliExpress seller shipped a package. Clients can track their orders by clicking the tracking ID in the email or checking the Tracking page on your website. They will be redirected to the website of a tracking service that you can choose in Tracking Service settings.

Click on AliExpress Order number to learn more about the order in your AliExpress account.

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