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Transition to PHP ver. 7.0 and higher

PHP is going to stop supporting 5.6 version on the 31st of December, 2018.

Considering that, we decided to make a consistent transition of AliDropship plugin to PHP 7 and higher According to our tests, PHP 7 productivity has been improved more than 2 times.

In connection with a transition to PHP 7 we will stop releasing and updating AliDropship plugin for Zend Guard Loader on the 13th of December, 2017, as this PHP extension is not going to support PHP 7 and higher.

There will be two versions of AliDropship plugin available: AliDropship IonCube version for PHP 5.6+ and AliDropship IonCube version for PHP 7.

How to move from AliDropship Zend Guard version to AliDropship IonCube one.

There are two ways to enable ionCube on your Hosting:

  1. Contact your Hosting support team and ask them to enable ionCube on your account;
  2. Enable it by yourself using your cPanel.

Once you enable ionCube go to your WordPress admin area -> Plugins and delete AliDropship plugin for Zend Guard Loader.

Upload AliDropship plugin for ionCube and install it via Plugin section of your WordPress website.

It’s done!

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