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Updating products (old plugin)

AliDropship plugin provides you with the ability to keep the information about your products up to date. It lets you check availability of products on AliExpress, as well as update product’s price, stock and variants.

There are two options in the plugin: auto updating and manual updating.

Auto updating:

You can set up your updating options in Updates section of AliDropship Settings.

Please enable Auto updating option in your WordPress admin area.

Firstly, it’s possible to automatically check availability of products on Aliexpress. If a product disappears from Aliexpress you can choose to either do nothing with this happening (Do nothing) or send such products to Draft (Send to Draft).

Secondly, you can make plugin update price and inventory of products. When a product’s cost or stock changes set the Product’ s Price and Product’s Inventory options to Do nothing or to Update automatically (the latter is recommended).

You can settle a period of update. It could be Every 15 minutes, Once daily, Once hourly, Twice daily. Please note, the plugin can auto update only 1-3 items per cycle.

Don’t forget to click Save changes when you set everything up.

Manual updating:

All options are the same as auto updating has, the only difference is the process starts manually and you should log in your AliExpress account before you start the updating process.

After the options are chosen, don’t forget to click Start. Please note that manual update is not automated to be perfomed regularly so we recommend that you use the Manual update option from time to time (at least once a week) or enable Auto updating option.

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